Sunday, October 31, 2010

His Bride

By Uma Gautam

For years,
I longed
And yearned
And lamented the dark night of the soul.
Separated from Him,
I searched for Home.
I read and wrote poetry,
And cried till my heart ached and eyes burned,
Begging Him to make me His bride.
But now I know -
It is not His fault.
I don't have the courage to say 'I do',
He was always married to me;
It is me who flirts and flits around
Talking of the long night of separation.
What can He do?
He, who is the Dawn,
How can He meet my dark night?
I need to trust,
For He is trustworthy.
Yes, a thousand butterflies trust, so fly...
A thousand trees trust, so sway...
A thousand suns trust, so glow...
Everything moves and dances and comes and goes
In this trust.
I too must trust.

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  1. Beautiful beyond words, and everybody's story :)!