Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Neighbor George

Our neighbor George is a hardcore DIY guy. There's just not much he sees as trash.

Knowing I like to paint, George has provided me with a variety of frames (most I've had to sneak into the trash can - but only after looking both ways).

When he recently put up a trellis and an arbor - both made out of non-trellis and non-arbor objects - for his climbing spinach, I couldn't help wondering if George wasn't going a little overboard.

He also "borrows" Jamie's flower pots. Sometimes she'll look over at his porch and say, "There's the pot I was going to plant some rosemary in."

On the plus side, however, thanks to George, we now have an outdoor fire pit (found on the side of the road). We no longer have to dig a hole in the yard and keep an eye out for the Fire Marshal.

Also, I can ride a bike sometimes instead of walking, because someone gave George a bike, and then he gave it to me.

What's best about George is he has a heart of gold. He's the kind of neighbor anyone would want.

Need a tool? George has it.

Last year a wheel was broken off of our trash can. Before we even knew what had happened, George had rigged it so well, it still rolls like new.

Once, I was going to borrow a bike tire pump, and I found George under the tree beside his house, gathering persimmons into a small bowl. He planned to surprise another neighbor who enjoys them.

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