Monday, July 12, 2010

The Way of Platonism

I have been studying Plato for close to a year now and find that his philosophy is much in harmony with SankarAcArya, the great sage and codifier of vedAnta.

Interestingly, although Emperor Justinian closed the Platonic Academia in 529 A.D., Platonism, as a spiritual Way, has never completely died out.

According to Raphael of the Ashram Vidya Order Platonism was,

highly regarded by the Fathers of the Church (Ambrose, Augustine, John of Damascus, Anselm from Canterbury, and so on). It continued to be the Doctrine approved by the Church until the XII century. During the Renaissance, it flourished even more thanks to the Florentine Academia (Marsilio Ficino, the two Pico della Mirandola, etc.) in Italy, and the Platonics of Cambridge in England (H. More, Th. Gale, J. Morris, at al.).

More recently has been the illustrious Thomas Taylor, who had married his childhood sweetheart Mary Morton. Mr. Taylor was so enthusiastic about the ancients, that he and Mary talked to one another only in classical Greek!

At any rate, Plato's teaching is invaluable for those wishing to "regrow wings" and soar into the eternal sky of the One-Good.

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