Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abiding Peace

Our minds can be frenetic. This is not a fault so much as a disposition that comes with birth as a result of mAyA and its effects.

vedAnta teachings tell us there is more to being incarnate than meets the eye. We have not only a physical body but also a subtle and a causal body.

Our causal body is the soil out of which the particulars of our subtle and physical bodies manifest. And this soil is filled with many different kinds of seed-like vAsanAs. Some are good and some are less than good. It is the manifestation of less than good which creates frenzy.

To rise above frenzy we change our ground dynamic. The way is simple: we cultivate goodness and follow the teachings of the wise. Such wise teachings point to essential Truth, encouraging us to discover the light of Consciousness already shinning.

It is steady realization "I am Consciousness", due to awakening of the akhaNDAkAra vRRitti, that results in abiding peace of mind and heart.

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