Friday, June 11, 2010

The Value of Shade

Every Wednesday Jamie and I spend the day doing something we enjoy. Usually we slip away from town for some hiking and exploring.

Since Jamie was not feeling well this week, we stayed in town and wandered the trails of a local park. Later we decided to go over to the lake and relax. While sitting on a bench, I was dozing off and Jamie started feeling sleepy as well. So we moved to a bench that accommodated us both.

Later we woke up incredibly thirsty, because this other bench was not shaded. Although Jamie was unfazed, I still have a bit of heat exhaustion typing this post, despite drinking sixty-four ounces of Gatorade to restore electrolyte balance.

What this has me thinking about is the value of staying in the shade of time-honored wisdom, which is rooted in prasthAna traya.

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