Friday, September 10, 2010

Doing Good to Others

The late shrI Abhinava Vidyatirtha offers this profound teaching on the value of doing good to others:

God wanted to know, "What constitutes the heaviest or most exalted object in the world?" So, He said, "Bring a balance." He took the state of absolute freedom in which He abided and put it on one pan. On the other pan, He kept loading some object or the other; on it, He placed heaven, other worlds, wealth, etc. Yet, no matter what He placed, the pan with absolute freedom on it continued to remain low; it did not rise up at all. The Lord became afraid and thought, "What! Is there nothing at all to match absolute freedom?" Finally, He took "Doing good to others" and placed it on the balance. The pan that was above came down while the pan that was below went up.

The Lord deemed, "Doing good to others is the truly heavy object. So what should I do? I shall eradicate whatever problem any person in the world has and cause an arrangement of doing good to others to develop."

If even Ishvara considers this to be greater than realizing the Absolute, then it is imperative to always strive for this.

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