Friday, September 17, 2010

A Plant with One Leaf

Several months ago my friend Joanne gave me a pathetic-looking plant she had considered throwing in the trash. It had only one discolored leaf. I took it home, watered it and placed it on our kitchen windowsill.

As days passed I was sceptical about whether this plant could survive. Still I continued to water it.

One morning a few weeks later Jamie called from the the kitchen for me to come look at the plant. At first I didn't see. Then I leaned in closer and spotted a tiny green shoot. Soon this shoot unfurled into a beautiful new leaf.

Then, tragedy struck. I found the old leaf with a bent stem - and held my breath as I pruned it away.

Currently the plant has shoots for two more leaves. And it has sent up a second plant - with a leaf of its own. This is the beginning of a plant colony.

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